• Jeffrey Matte
    Updated May 18
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    Topics of Interest:

    Artificial Intelligence


    Prison Industrial Complex

    Social Credit System

    Synthetic Life

    Assisted Suicide


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    About Jeffrey Matte

    Researching Hidden Trends for almost 17 years

    I couldn't accept most of the explanations on how the world works. They didn't make sense the majority of the time.  

    Why is religion everywhere and so intense, with no real convincing proof or real logical explanations????? 

    Who owns this world and who do they answer to? Why is the world a BUSINESS?

    Why is it so hard to succeed in this world? How come some people know what's coming and almost everyone else has no idea? 

    Why was I told all my life to just work hard, make money and forget the rest???? Just worry about yourself? 

    After getting stuck many times.... I tried to find people that are on the cutting edge...Then I met Jordan Maxwell... and everything changed.