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Jeffrey Matte


Getting explanations on how the world really works felt like a lost cause. Most Teachers/Doctors/Business leaders that I met could rarely provide meaningful and complete answers... Only a small handful of these people had any real knowledge. 

I also wondered why religion is everywhere and so intense, but almost no one can provide a logical explanation and or proof of where it came from? 

Who owns this world and who do they answer to? Why is the world a BUSINESS?

Why is it so hard to succeed in this world? How come only a few people know what's coming and almost everyone else has no idea? 

Why was I told all my life, to just work hard, make money and forget the rest???? Just worry about yourself? 

After getting stuck many times.... I tried to find people that are on the cutting edge...Then I met Jordan Maxwell... and everything changed.

This site is a TRIBUTE to Jordan Maxwell