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DISCLAIMER and brief Explanation of my perspective.

A Main Goal: To be a NEUTRAL OBSERVER of the world and Promote self EDUCATION. EMPOWER Yourself!

I recognize the material on this site is not simple nor easy but neither is life. 

I'm simply sharing what I think has value  thus far and it will grow and evolve. I may even change my mind and go in new direction as new information is processed.  

Please check out the info on your own and don't take my word for it. That isn't going to help you in the long run. 

I did my best to avoid Photoshop pictures and false information. Nothing is perfect at least in my world. 

I try my best to help educate not indoctrinate. I'm also trying to help save you TIME... The most precious thing we are given in life besides health is time. Their must be a reason why we are here so I want to dedicate my life to becoming more than I thought possible. I 'm tired of lies and deception so this my my attempt to reduce some of that for those who want to know. 

I also understand this will not help many people since things like CONFIRMATION BIAS and COGNITIVE DISSONANCE etc... are in full force.

I am not a forensic expert not a world authority on anything. 

Dedicated to Jordan Maxwell

Jordan:  Thank you for being such a great teacher and your tireless dedication to what is real and how things really work.  You are a pioneer in your feild and have changed the world in so many ways. It's an Honor to know you and now I'm dedicating this site in your honor.