Please WAIT for the PICTURES TO LOAD..It's worth the WAIT....

If you think you are up to date. Think again! I'm NOT :(


The Vatican has a minimum 75 year delay before releasing documentation.

Having access to the Vatican library and secret archives is a recent phenomenon. I promise you it wasn't accessible for thousands of years for a reason. And It's not available unless you are somebody they are interested in. Do you realize how much is not public.......THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF DATA.... Think about it! 

Freedom of Information acts around the world. This TREND is only about 30 yrs old. Think about that!

Even if you ask for information its not easy nor free. Some information can hurt our society and I understand but The Vatican and the Global Elite are holding so much back that the Human Family is in arrested develop. Only Corporations moving forward not man nor woman. Private individuals/ Corporations use their connections to classify and protect the bottom line! Keep that in mind!!! You'll only get little bits and pieces with normal inaccuracies and some deception. Incomplete data is also a normal outcome upon request.

It's important to protect National Security. Just don't expect to understand the world realtime!!!

Since the World is a BUSINESS real change can only occur through education. Learn as much as possible from the corporate country you are a citizen of, then compare to others. Be as scientific as possible. Ask the best quality questions you can think of and find the answers then repeat. After a while you'll know and see BS right away. You won't allow advertising and and other marketing models dictate your reality as easily. Take your knowledge and person to the next level. 

It's a logical business model to protect the existing power structure....

If you have lots of land and or money would you be OK to lose it all if someone else has a good idea or really clever system that could change everything overnight?  Of course NOT, so they pass laws and secrecy acts to block everyone but the owners of the world. It's so simple. But that doesn't mean the business model can't be improved or upgraded to something better. It can only happen with education and reflection and sharing. Otherwise we will be in the same position for a long time to come. 

Fighting this is useless and will destroy your life.

Protesting and attacking your government is a bad idea! Do not show them you are an enemy! Just educate yourself and do your own homework with the way the system is now, even if its unfair. Humanity doesn't have a fair and just world.... If this doesn't make sense think about it on your OWN then decide with peaceful reflection. 

Take time to think about this and ponder what you can do to elevate yourself?

Even with these limitations it's not hopeless. As a matter of fact there is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on a few thousand years of knowledge and get as close to reality as possible. Stay away from cults, protesting groups, gangs and criminal organizations. This website is for the elite mind and the elite spirit not just the current ELITE. Most people wont make the personal breakthrough but this site is set up for those who want to! No matter your background you are welcome.

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I do not ENDORSE anything but instead wish to learn more about the world we live in. Please double check this info on your own and empower yourself. 

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