So important i don't know where to this more than once... then  think about humanity today...

Crystal BLUE Persuasion? UN IS COMING? Look at HOME and 7

I wonder how the ELITE figured out how to help persuade you to think about the new world order and linking it to Crystal BLUE... All SHADES.  This song came out in 1968 but they already knew the formula to help kick-start the merging of the United Nations into the US Corporation since they most likely merged long before I was born. This is my supposition!  Enjoy this nice song and check out the LYRICS!

MYRON FAGAN about the UN World Government

Keep in mind I do not endorse any material but instead share to help assist learning and self education. A NEUTRAL and OBSERVATIONAL mindset is a powerful  approach. 

60 Minutes Deception Doc

I wonder how accurate this is? I'm curious?


I wonder if who writes the script for the World news system? This is an extremely extremely small example.  Has this been going on for many decades? 

----Two Prime Ministers, One speech----

Another super small example of world government in play. 


I'm not interested in denigrating anyone but instead wish to relay that she is OBLIGATED to FOLLOW the INTERNATIONAL NARRATIVE at the moment. I do not agree nor disagree with any of this. I'm taking a NEUTRAL OBSERVER standpoint so I can EDUCATE MYSELF.

Media: The Walls Are Closing in on Trump SCRIPTED for YOU?

Another example of the INVISIBLE PEOPLE WHO write the story for ALL NEWS NETWORKS.

John Stossel: China's Social Credit Score

More info to help you become aware of what is happening.  The Chinese people and the Government are NOT an enemy but so please focus on the business model and research it beyond this video. You'll see it's sourced back to the VATICAN.

Sesame Credit

Here is an unofficial explanation of the business side of the Social Credit System in China. I do NOT endorse any of this.

This info will be out of date soon so please keep doing your homework. 


A breif intro to the Social Credit system from a Chinese perspective. April 4 2018.

I do NOT endorse taking sides or Blaming. Study the business model instead and Double check things yourself and come to your own conclusions. I try to take a NEUTRAL/OBSERVATIONAL approach. 

Colbert on the Social Credit System

How to introduce this??? How about comedy???? Mush easier than any other method. 

21st Century Doc

I do not endorse nor support any group nor do I wish to denigrate anything or anyone. I'm just curious... 

Developed Breathalyzer Can Diagnose Terminal Illnesses

This technology will shrink down over time and be installed in cell phones and eventually it will be ubiquitious.. This will help super charge Assisted Suicide as a corporate model to end lives much sooner to many individuals. I do not endorse this just speculating and I'm curious as well.

AI Documentary 2018

A great introduction of the how AI will make a 100% change to the work force of the world and how even people with education aren't aware of the impacts coming.  AI is ANTI-COMPETITION. 

Psychiatry in the Military Doc

I do NOT endorse ANYTHING but instead wonder if any of this is has merit? Due diligence is key here. More homework is key. Double/Triple check everything you can. No one should suffer unnecessarily. EDUCATION IS KEY!!

Guns, Drugs, & the CIA

I do not ENDORSE anything but instead wish to learn more about the world we live in. Please double check this info on your own and empower yourself. 

God's Banker 1983 Rare Documentary

Double check and come to your own conclusions. You are the source of your own power and goodness in your life. 

I do NOT ENDORSE anything I wish to take a NEUTRAL/OBSERVER position as often as possible. This is a rare insight into the past and into the VATICAN. 

Surgery's Dirty Secrets Doc

I do NOT ENDORSE ANYTHING. Double/triple check everything. EDUCATION IS KEY

6 Places In The World Where Sun Never Sets

You know who you are!!!! This is for you!